venturing forth

I have been laying low lately. And when I say lately, I mean for the better part of this year. As much as this may amuse some of you (Hi, Mum), part of it is due to modesty. Actually, modesty’s not the right word, maybe ‘fear’ is more appropriate. Basically I’ve been trying to keep various aspects of my activities quiet so that in the event that a great deal of planning and effort comes crashing down in a spectacular ball of flames, I can pretend it had nothing to do with me and walk away whistling in an entirely un-suspicious fashion. The whole thing is still up in the air at the moment, and it’ll be anywhere from another 3 weeks to another 4-5 months before I know whether this airships’s gonna fly or not, but I’ll keep you posted (if in an avoidant, skewiff fashion).

On a more concrete note, I can tell you that one of my plans is coming along nicely, and that is to head off on a national tour in fifty days time. I’ve got 6 weeks off from work and one motorcycle with which to fill it. I’m not certain about the formation of that last sentence, but you get where I’m coming from, right? I’m going to be headed out of town to the North until I hit ocean, then turning right and heading East until it happens again. At that point I’ll start heading South, cross a small bit of ocean in order to watch some bike racing for a few days, then return to the mainland for a few days of local shenanigans before starting to head back West again. It’s gonna be awesome. Well, either awesome or incredibly boring and painful, but part of the allure is finding out. Tragically I do have to board an aircraft at one point during the trip in order to come briefly home for a number of matrimonial proceedings (none of which have any legal implications for me personally). I say tragically in reference to the air travel, not the celebrations, those should be delightful, I’m just not the biggest fan of travelling by plane.

Between now and departure I have a fairly hefty list of to-do items to get through though. With any luck I’ll get most of them sorted early on so that I don’t end up running around frantically in the few days prior to departure with a crazed look in my eyes, but inevitably I’ll run into some drama or other. I also plan to wake up on time this year on the day I intend to leave. Hopefully that should help.

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