not the time for it

I really shouldn’t be burning up my higher level brain function by writing a journal entry right now. I have way too much other stuff to do in the next couple of days, but sometimes I just need the catharsis of braindumping the non-critical stuff floating in my head. I handed in a 10 page report this morning at 2am, and I have two others left to finish before the end of this weekend, at which point I am going to sling my bags over my trusty motorcycle and ride well over two thousand miles due East across the desert so that I can catch up with some friends and watch other motorcycles ride in circles. Then I’ll ride the same trail in reverse, and go back to work. It seems like an odd thing to be looking forward to, but I truly am, even if the trip has been descibed to me by others as the most boring journey on earth. The whole dance ought to be over in just shy of two weeks.

Sometimes I wonder why I put burdens on myself in the size that I do. Surely I could be better served by not trying to cram so much work, study and other rubbish into the somewhat limited hours of the day. At the very least it would be more relaxing. Sometimes I feel like I’d rather do more nothing, other times I feel like I should really be doing more something. I guess you could say I fluctuate. It does make me appeciate both sides of the situation though, and I am deeply, deeply looking forward to Summer, when I have no assignments and thus the time to ride my bike, waste afternoons with friends, and to drown in the couch watching several years worth of TV serials.

But for now I ought to abandon self-indulgence and get my mind back into gear for the academic production line.

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