slipping into the future

I would tell you more about my life of late, but to be frank, it’s probably quite mundane and un-exciting from the outside. I don’t think I’ve really done anything recently which would cause someone standing by to be stunned, awed, or even distracted from their iPod.

But seeing as how I need to delude myself into the reassurance that I will actually get better at writing, or at least stay mildly capable by simply updating my blog, regardless of how pointless the text… I will tell you about it anyhow.

I’ve slowly been making headway into the monstrous pile of books in my ‘To read’ pile. In the past couple of weeks I’ve managed to knock off Breakfast at Tiffanys (Truman Capote), The Great Gatsby (F. Scott Fitzgerald), Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail ’72 (Hunter S. Thompson) and The Secret Sharer (Joseph Conrad). I’ve recently started in on The Brain That Changes Itself (Norman Doidge), which is all science-y and talks about neuroplasticity, which is very, very cool. Fascinating stuff.

Everyone at work currently has their Re-org Boots on, since the learning area of the University I’m working at is changing their name and focus, and simultaneously there’s a University-wide IT review going on, which we expect is going to involve all manner of changes. Maybe a different office, definitely a different boss, and what’s more… I’ll probably have to wear a new shirt with something different written on it. Inconveniently, my contract renewal will come up pretty much right in the middle of all of this madness, adding an new air of mystery and uncertainty to my employment situation which I would probably have been more content to do without. But as always, optimism in the face of experience, hopefully things will shape up alright in the end.

I really must make this site look less ghetto as well, where’s my to-do list…

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