the last time I posted was when?

Sometimes it’s the strangest times you end up writing. At the moment I’m standing in the middle of what is a ridiculously busy coffee shop, scratching away on a semi-busted old smartphone. There’s not much else to do really aside from wait for my caffeine fix. I haven’t written much in some time, but that’s not to say that nothing much has been happening, quite the opposite in fact. And while I’m generally quite uninhibited about discussing what goes flashing through my mind I guess that there are still some things that remain personal for one reason or another.

When I don’t write I get rusty, and I end up in one of those ‘what I did today’ ruts which generally aren’t particularly appealing from a reader standpoint, so for that I apologise.

When I go through these phases of deciding that what I’m going through or what’s on my mind may not be fit for public consumption, I start to wonder what the real function of my blog is in the first place. I guess that it’s just an easier preserved digital version of a notebook kept in the top jacket pocket, not that I have either a notebook or a jacket pocket at this point in time, but it makes a point to me…

…that getting pee-ed on by a seagull is not what I had in mind when I decided to leave the house and get some air…

But that aside, while it wouldn’t be quite as effective at communicating with my friends, a pocketbook made of dead trees would be just as useful a travel companion as a much more clunky computer to accomplish the same task.

7 thoughts on “the last time I posted was when?

  1. MM,I’m still reading, but I had to interject with a comment… I knew I recognized your writing; your style!!! I read Barzini … gosh, nearly 15 years ago, now. And you’ve reminded me of him!! Something… phnioomrcally insightful; you both have me in stitches with your wit! Following you these past few years has been like a Barzini book that keeps on going (and I couldn’t put that book down! I tore through it in a matter of a day or two!)Thanks for re-connecting me to this great authour! And now I know why I find you such a compelling read.MLR

  2. Amy, I just wanted to say thanks again for writing for us here, I really appreciate it, and treasure your words.I loved this sentence in particular:“The words don’t need to be perfect and they don’t need to be polished; they just need to be free”I love the idea of helping to set words free – perhaps that’s my mission!Joanna

  3. Acho que Vª Exª tem toda a razão no que pensa e diz do Marinho e Pinto. Sem embargo, Vª Exª há dias prometeu pôr aqui um texto dele, se me não engano sobre o TEDH. ou matéria afim que Vª Exª não obstante achou acertado. Sempre cá tenho vindo à procura do dito texto, mas ainda o não vi. Se Vª Exª mo pudesse veicular, desde já lhe fico muito grato.

  4. Mari comentou em 9 de agosto de 2012 às 21:23. Julia comprei uma base que tem um cheiro bem forte e não é um cheirinho gostoso é aquele cheiro de cosmético ruim pra caramba… tem alguma coisa que dá pra fazer pra diminuir esse cheiro?? Aaaaahh ficou linda a make. Beijos

  5. S’en câlisser veut pas dire avoir rien à dire, être pas parlable ni même ne pas charmer. Ça veut dire ne rien faire qui puisse amener la fille à savoir que tu es intéressé (si tu l’es) ou au pire que ça soit ambigu.Les filles vont dire qu’elles aiment ça recevoir des compliments ou se faire cruiser. Bien sûr que ça va leur faire plaisir d’être ton AMIE pour flatter leur égo. Mais attend-toi pas à plus que ça…

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