in the key of now

“Blog” has been written at the top of my To-Do list for I don’t know how long now. Mostly due to its alphabetical superiority over the other things in my life that I’ve needed to get done, and despite some half-hearted attempts to conceal it from view by bumping it down a notch, everything short of “Attend own funeral” seems to come after the letter ‘B’ (and really, that’s not something I want to try and get done in a hurry). The inevitable conclusion of course is that I sit down and actually get it done. One of the reasons that I haven’t already is that I get the feeling that when I write, I should have something terribly insightful, witty or clever to say, but this has nagged at me long enough and so today you’ll be getting some input, drivel or not.

Life continues to power on with what appears to be a throttle stuck wide open. While I occasionally manage to find moments of peace and respite, I never seem to have as much downtime as I’d like, particularly to get through the epic mound of books that I have to read, slowly taking over the rest of the house from the bookshelves, desks and bedside tables of my bedroom. Still, it’s all in good fun, and maybe I’ll get lucky when winter begins to settle in and everything social and vocational will begin to slow down a measure, but I’m not banking on it.

2 thoughts on “in the key of now

  1. How is it, exactly, that in our rose-tinted, sepia-stained memories that we call our past, we managed to get so much done, AND have so much free time, yet these days we seem to do neither?

    Damned 9-5 job. Damned debts. I’m going to go on such an epic hedonistic bender when my loans are paid off.

  2. Adolescence. Metabolism in high gear, running primarily on sugar and caffeine with about four hours a night sleep. Couldn’t hurt anyhow.

    That said, I do actually do a lot more work these days than I used to. I never used to try and read anywhere near this much, nor did I put any real time and effort into making sure I cooked and ate decent food (or god forbid go to the gym).

    A lot of it is also probably having to go out of my way to see or visit friends. Where I used to see them routinely for hours a day at uni or what have you, now I have to squeeze them in outside working hours along with the rest of my life.

    I think I’m getting used to it this way though, I don’t think I could go back to spending that much time sitting around complaining about menial stuff and making mindless gossip. I’d go bananas. Not that I don’t like rest… I just prefer hurtling into the void.

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