You might notice that some of my posts now start to appear pre-dated. The reason for this is my starting to write on dead tree to help me keep up the practice, then transcribing themĀ to digitalĀ at a later date. This will be the first, hopefully of many.

This evening saw the salvation of my mortal soul as I teetered on the brink of the fall to hell. A special hell, reserved for pretentious bastards who would pay $32 for a notebook. I spent a minute with it in my hands, a plain ruled Moleskine, so very neat and perfect for its purpose. The display stand was merely feet from the cashier and I was beginning to bond with the idea of a glorified book with a lacky-band stuck to it, when it dawned on me that I could feed myself for half a week on the cost. So instead I picked up this 192 page exercise book from Woolworths at the princely sum of one dollar and twelve cents, and jammed it in the shopping basket between the sausages and orange juice I was now able to feast on thanks to my thriftiness in other matters.

I’ve been down on myself a lot lately for failing to write, so I’m toying with a new approach. When I was teaching and studying, spending all day with chalk or pen in hand, sitting down to braindump through a keyboard was a welcome and therapeutic relief, but now as I spend my working hours pounding out notes in front of the dull glow of the computer screen, sitting down to type in my own time seems somewhat forced and cumbersome, so I have devised the idea of fleshing out my cognitions to paper through pen to give it a degree of freshness or relief for me, to help avoid the feeling of it being a chore.

Hopefully once I manage to get myself back into the swing and groove of writing again and bridging the divide between print and thought, I’ll once again be able to form more clear thoughts, more flowing prose, more… well, basically less rubbishing on about the minutia of my life and writing something actually worth spilling ink for.

Hopefully I’ll be able to keep to task and avoid filling the pages of this log with my constant to-do lists, reminders to pick up groceries and fanciful cost plans for my latest daydream on how to spend the upcoming weeks lottery jackpot.

Here’s to the start of a new habit.

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  1. Don’t forget the boats, when you daydream. Boats are always more enjoyable than you expect, if they’re big enough.

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