speaking of blunt

In the past weeks, strike that, these past months, I have not been writing. It isn’t the case that I’ve been writing elsewhere, or been unable to upload, I haven’t even been involved in another bone-shattering launch from a moving motorcycle. I have simply not been writing, which to be frank, is completely rubbish. I can hardly expect to keep myself sharp, let alone hone my skills to improve if I don’t put in the time at the slate.

Of course not all of my material is quality output. There have been many occasions where I have gone back and looked at something that I’ve published on the web, only to find myself shuddering at the naivety or ignorance of some statement I’ve made, wincing at the self-important posturing mingled with self-righteous ranting and raving. It is essential that I am my own most vile critic, otherwise I will not be able to grow. I don’t pretend that I am no longer guilty of the same sins that I have just condemned in myself, but I strive to improve, if only by modest degrees.

I also need to tidy up this whole page quite desperately, as it currently looks atrocious. The layout and theme needs some substantial renovation and I need to rewrite the paths to most of my images since I decided to finally let the renewal expire for the swiss domain name I registered years ago. I guess some gags really do get old.

3 thoughts on “speaking of blunt

  1. So, the domain is up for grabs?

    My other half had the same problem, with writing. After months of slackness, she dived back in and enjoyed herself. She emerged several days later, blinking in the light, with a contented smile on her face.
    Just give it time, it’ll come back.

  2. re: Site: WordPress + plugins + free themes generally equals hours of relatively painless fun and a decent looking / functioning site at the end. While bunch of pre-rolled stuff is auto-deployable deployable automatic-style via our esteemed host.

    re:writing: I have collected an assload of various bits of wisdom related to writing, if it helps there are some gems in particular OVAH HEER: http://www.glenscott.net/2007/06/30/encouragement-from-those-established-and-talented/

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