captain obvious

After a bit of a chat with a friend of mine the other day it became abundantly clear to me that my blog serves no real purpose, so to speak. It has no truly useful content that might contribute to the progress of humankind, nor does it particularly assist or inform. Unless of course you are seaching for information regarding the lack of flamingo salesmen in my neighbourhood, which in fact, I can’t help you with either.

Such musings brought me back to the idea that I don’t serve any particularly useful purpose either. This is a somewhat sobering if not depressing thought, but something which is not necessarily there just to point out my failings. My hope is that it might inspire me to better things, or assist me with clarity in those things which I already do. Hopefully I will be able to find something to throw myself into with a greater cause than greed or vanity.

This is my quandary.

4 thoughts on “captain obvious

  1. Don’t you DARE postulate that a diary (publicly viewable or no) has no point or purpose! The day a fellow human being must justify the existence of a creative and/or emotional outlet is the day the machines have won.

    As for your contribution to humanity, you are but a tiny cog in the huge machine of society. You help it turn, never doubt it. If you work, you help it turn. You were (are?) a teacher, after all – you help other cogs turn, in many small but significaant ways, surely.

  2. question:
    whats depressing about not having a purpose?
    i like it. its kind of exhilirating dontcha think? like those days you have off from work where your main purpose for that day is to have absolutely no purpose what so ever.
    ps, i love ur work about london! very well described 🙂
    muchos love
    pps, ur a good friend

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