call me old fashioned

Maybe I’m past it, or I’m turning into the kind of old fella who needs a rocking chair and a sawn off shotgun, but I’m starting to miss the days when I could go and see a film that had some kind of conclusion or resolution by the end of the session. I’m sure that we used to be able to get a full story into the space of one movie.

I know there’s the trap of trying to transcend the eternal chains of the three-act structure, but I’d much rather see act one-two-three than the act one-two-two-“come back in 12 months with another fifteen dollars to see the end of your movie” system. Golden Compass my eye, get off my lawn.

That aside, things have been blissful of late, which is probably thanks in large part to my being on holidays from school and that I’ve been spending a lot of time lately with someone new. I will try and spare you the details.

On the 25th I spent my first Christmas away from my parents in 25 years. It was a bit curious leading up to the day, I wasn’t sure exactly how things were going to turn out, but I saw the remainder of my nuclear family on Christmas eve and got a call from my folks off in New Zealand, and spending time with close friends feels close enough to be family half of the time, so I still had a pearl of a day. I’m not sure that all-night poker on Christmas day is traditional, but it’s a fine way to hide from the heat.

I’ll be skipping the country for a couple of weeks in about a fortnights time, which I’m anxiously looking forward to. If all goes to plan, I’ll manage to avoid being deported at least until my hostel booking is over.

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