nothing is real, everything is far away

I start to wonder how long it’s really been since I slept right. I can’t put my finger on it, more than months, more than years. I’ve been fighting off tiredness as long as I can remember being grown. Maybe one of these days the tell tale shadows under my eyes and the heavy lids they try to hold up will fade away. I might look more my age and less like an old man. I just hope this body doesn’t wear out too quickly, for all its faults it’s really quite homely and I believe we’ve become quite fond of one another over time.

2 thoughts on “nothing is real, everything is far away

  1. Excersise? Valerian root?
    Valerian root pills, often sold as Valerian tablets or “Insomnia” tablets, worked *wonders* on both myself and my fiance when nothing else would.

  2. Tried some Valerian and Camomile pills a couple of months ago, which helped me feel a lot more refreshed after sleep for the first few days, but then the effects petered out for some reason. I also gave my caffeine intake a major overhaul at the same time.

    Just started working on some more intensive regular exercise, so I’ll see how that pans out. Worst case scenario, I’ll end up as a more athletic insomniac.

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