a shiver in my bones

I really hope this teaching gig works out. Some days it’s cool, things roll smoothly and I walk out the door into sunshine and lollipops. Other days I get home and I’m digging under the covers with a bag of starburst in the hope that some manner of interstellar catastrophy goes down (we’re talking extinction level events here) so that not only do I not have to go back to work tomorrow, but there literally is no work or tomorrow. But I’ve got four days left of term before the holiday break, and it’s looking like I’ll be going full time for next term, which I expect is gonna be the clincher one way or the other. I don’t have any beef with jumping ship if we’re going down, but I wanna make sure the ship is actually sinking before I make any rash decisions. Now I’m talking in metaphors. God help us.

some days are diamonds
some days are stones

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