doing just swell(ing)

Having stitches in your gums is a funny little feeling. After having wisdom teeth extracted from all four corners of my mouth last friday, I’ve been re-acquainting myself with the ups and downs of the liquid diet. The actual soreness hasn’t been particularly bad, I’d rate it somewhere between ‘uncomfortable’ and ‘nagging’ on the pain scale, but the swelling has meant my helmet doesn’t fit right now and I look like a Stunt Jaw for Bruce Campbell or Henry Rollins.

But if all goes to plan the stitches should dissolve and the swelling should peter out over the next few days and I ought to be back in the realm of people who can comsume solid food without a blender. One thing that has really struck me though, is where have I been on the yoghurt boat? The stuff is awesome. I mean sure it’s probably chemically identical to milk that’s been left on the bench for five days, but they make awesome little snack-buckets, don’t they just?

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