fading with the light

Now where was I… oh yes, that’s right. I’m terribly grateful right now for the fact that if all goes to plan then I should have more permanent lodgings in place in two weeks time. While I’ve had a lot of fun living with friends over the past five weeks or so, the appeal of living out of a suitcase on a bedroom floor somehow loses its shine after a while.

Life is always seems to be full of things to throw you into a frenzy. I prefer to avoid being all broad and general like that, but it seems to be my experience of things and I doubt that such contortions of the path are limited to myself.

I fear sometimes that I get too caught up in the grand delusions, that the allure of the fantasy has so much sway that it corrupts the view of what I’m trying to focus on. It’s so easy to get caught up in a whirlwind of thoughts, and it’s only once you can step outside of them that you can see the monstrous mess that they’ve been leaving in their wake. Then you wonder if it wasn’t better in the eye of the storm.

Now I’m just projecting through a haze of metaphors and euphemisms. I guess it’s fair to say that there are a few things weighing on my mind and the more I clear the space around them, the more troublesome they seem to be.

The only times I find myself truly confounded are when trying to get head around my own feelings.

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