materials in dead tree version

To write and to publish. It doesn’t bother me to scratch out my thoughts on a pad or to further clog up the world’s digital networks with my practice, thoughts and banter, but the idea of writing a book, to me, is more sacred. There is so much good that I have left to read, hundreds of years of work and much of it better than anything that I might find at the other end of my pen. Personally I would rather never write anything that is published than to be part of the flacid tripe that obscures truly brilliant works from the eyes of most. I should hesitate to write myself a book until I believe for certain that I have something that I need to say or something truly worth sharing with a multitude of others. So until that time, my literary productions will sit here or in secret, slowly priming for the hour of call for the skills that they have helped to hone.

All in good time.

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