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As of about mid-last week, I got the all clear from the bone specialist to start using my right hand again as normal, at least as far as I can tolerate the pain and excepting contact sports. So three and a half months on and I’m starting to feel more like a functional human being again. Unfortunately I still haven’t managed to get out riding yet. After a fair bit of tinkering, cleaning and fitting spares, the bike looks like a bike and runs, but there’s a problem with the clutch it seems, and so I believe I’ll have to pay someone who knows about such things to investigate further. Come Monday it’ll have been four months since the crash.

On the subject of Monday, I’m finally going to be a contributing part of the economy again when I rock up to work as an Education Assistant (newspeak for Babysitter) at one of the High Schools in Perth. This also means moving back to the city, for which I’m thankful. I love my folks, and Bunbury is swell, but I miss my friends and the opportunities for mischief that living in smogville affords me. I don’t have any permanent lodgings arranged at this stage, but hopefully I should be able to get myself bound to an oppressive rental agreement in a reasonably timely fashion, and it’s all down hill from there.

So hopefully I’ll start to have a few more worthy anecdotes to relay in the coming weeks. If things don’t go my way tomorrow morning during a tooth extraction, maybe even sooner than that.

The teaching thing is still on the horizon, as I’ve slowly been hacking away at the requirements for completing my course. If all goes well in the next few weeks, I should have completed my year-long Dip Ed over a modest five semesters. Arbitrary structured education just isn’t my thing, so it would seem.

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