the unmistakable taste of blood and peppermint

All the heavy lifting has been done (with as little as possible being performed by me) and I’m now fairly settled in down at Australind until I get my life and bones back in order. I managed to see the whole family over easter, but aside from that I’d say that being a broke and housebound bum is roughly as boring down here as it was back in Perth.

Unfortunately this means that I’m limited in the number of anecdotes that I can relay as I haven’t managed to get up to an awful lot besides unpacking and paperwork, with the exception of a visit to the dentist this morning. I haven’t been in a good number of months and I was about due for a check-up.

With a dentist in your mouth, you speak only in vowels.

After recalling how delightful a time I have paying folks wearing rubber gloves to stab me in the face with all manner of pointy, whirry and grindy things, followed by a couple of xrays, it’s come to light that a couple of teeth at the back of my mouth will need to be ousted in the next few weeks.

As it turns out, a particularly hunch-backed and deceitful-looking wisdom tooth in my bottom left jaw has been muscling in on another fellas territory and smashing up the side of the tooth in front of it. The busted-arse tooth with the hole in the side has then been all roughed up and is decayed right through to the nerve, which I’m told should be excruciatingly painful. One of these days this loopy pain tolerance thing is going to get me into a lot of trouble. Not that this isn’t trouble.

Apparently it’s regular practice when removing a tooth to yoink its corresponding brother above or below as well, since it will no longer have another tooth to chomp against and that can cause complications. So depending on how beat up the victimisted tooth is I’m looking at loosing somewhere between two and four teeth. Thankfully I’ve got a mouth full of the little bastards. The operation will probably be more painful financially than physically, and hopefully it won’t involve too much eating through a straw afterward.

I’ll try and get into a bit more mischief between now and the next time that I post in order to provide a bit more entertainment than a commentary on how my mouth is at war with itself.

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