heading south for the winter of our discontent

It may surprise some of you to know that being an unemployed cripple does not pay as well as you might think it would.

While I was finally free of my plaster cast on the 26th after eight miserable weeks without a right hand, there is still a lot of recovering left to do. The fracture in my hand still needs several weeks of rest before I can safely begin lifting, pushing or leaping tall buildings in a single bound. At the same time, my wrist is slowly loosening up from the plank-like state it emerged from the cast in and my sunlight-shy forearm is slowly beginning to look like a limb again from the miserable state it managed to wither away to over the past two months.

All of this means that I have still been unable to make any kind of living in the meantime. This is only one of several contributing factors that have led to my new-found situation, that being one wherein a promise that I made in the form of a scholarship agreement is to be broken.

I could spin a few thousand words explaining my personal feelings on certain things or how things outside of my control have affected my circumstances followed by a lengthy spell of ranting and pointing fingers, but for all of our sakes I will be concise. Out of the need to resolve a number of matters personal, financial and medical in nature I have accepted the ego-crushing blow of necessity and hauled my bag of tricks back to stay with my folks. How long for I could not say, at least until I am able to function enough to hold down a job so as to meet my financial responsibilities.

Naturally out of my personal sense of drama, I make this sound much more devastating than is honestly is. I am staying in a huge luxurious house overlooking the water in the South-West with everything I could possibly need and a couple of housemates who are overjoyed that I’m coming to stay.

As a regular reminder that the space-time continuum is functioning as usual, I turned 25 yesterday. Aging is a funny thing. I feel a thousand years old half of the time and then I look in the mirror and see this soft and squishy looking fella who has obviously not yet been around the traps as much as he seems to think he has. If nothing else, I’m looking forward to a bike insurance discount.

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