the grouch

I’ve been fairly moody the last couple of days. I found out from the specialist on Friday that because of the nature and location of the bone, scaphoid fractures are notoriously slow to heal and can cause a lot of complications if not allowed to heal correctly. Which for me means more time in plaster.

I’m finding so many things frustrating. It frustrates me that I can’t write, it bothers me that I keep making typing errors and it takes me twice as long, it drives me nuts that my arm is wasting away and there’s nothing I can do about it, it annoys me that with all this free time I can’t do anything, it makes me cranky that I can’t ride my bike, it gets me aggro that I have to be so damn dependent on everyone, it’s just really bloody infuriating to be so damned incapacitated.


And now I’m polluting my blog with this whining crap. Awesome.

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