how clever we are

Have you ever heard that cliche about being careful about what you wish for?

I went to see a doctor today in the orthopedic outpatient clinic for a check up and poke of my wrist after the other Sunday’s aerobatics. After a bit of chatter and a review of my x-rays, it seems that I may not have had the full story when I left the emergency department that fateful afternoon. The diagnosis I was given at the time was that I had chipped my ulna (pinky-side wrist bone) and fractured my radius (thumb-side wrist bone), a solid days work. However as it turns out, not only is my ulna thoroughly chipped, i have not one, but two significant fractures of my radius as well as a previously unmentioned fracture of my scaphoid (lower hand bone on the thumb side).

So this means that my hand is actually broken in four places, not the two I initially believed, bringing my life-long bone fracture count up to (you guessed it) eleven. The irony is suffocating.

All in all though I am still well and hopefully this is not some strange omen of the coming of my untimely demise. As for the hand, I stay in this plaster cast for one more week, then I change to a second cast for the following three weeks, after which I jump on the physiotherapy wagon and work my way back to unhindered throttle movement once again.

These things couldn’t be easy, could they? Still, such is life. If breaking bones weren’t such a pain in the ass, all the kids would be doing it.

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