this present purgatory

I get rather frustrated when I am unable to plan. Thanks to the ever-gracious Education Department who intend to employ me, I am currently in occupational limbo. Last week I contacted the Ed dept (again) about the matter of not being informed about a job with only two weeks before term starts, when they decided to let me know that because of their data entry folks being more than eight weeks backlogged with forms, they hadn’t finished entering my application yet. The one I gave them in November. They never thought to mention this before in several other calls I’d made, however I was able to confirm with the woman on the phone that there would be no chance of me getting placed by the start of first term.

Seeing as how I was now looking at unemployment until about April, and looking at the state of my finances, I decided that another 3-4 months of bumming around would not be economically viable for me and so I started looking for work.

Which brings us to this afternoon, where I am teeing up a medical with Australia Post in order to take up an overpaid job as a postie, when I get a call from the scholarship section of the education department.

After a brief Q&A session where I explained that my not being placed yet was no fault of my own, and that I as yet have no ID and so on, the kind lady informed me that she would go and lean on the recruitment section to push it through. At this point, I inquired as to when I should expect to hear from them, Mid-year? Next term? Mid-term…?

I was then informed that while I wouldn’t be placed before the start of term (what with there being two business days between now and then), but that things may get underway in the middle of next week, possibly the week following. Basically, wait by the phone. Don’t call us, we’ll call you.

So here I sit, weightless in this atmosphere of pure whatever-ness.

A most undesirable situation.

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