the same black line that was drawn on you

I've been havin' a bit of a low week, which is fair enough. I had to have my seven year old pup put down this time last week, which was hard. Knowing how my body works with things, I've just been giving myself some leeway when it comes to things like snacks and sugar. I know that it's no good for my body and will only end up as arse blubber, but it helps to keep my mood up a bit, which is important when I'm feeling low.

Three motorcyclists have been killed in the city in this past week as well, all of them due to careless driving on another persons part. Two killed in separate accidents where a car has pulled across the path of an oncoming motorcycle (the same way my friend Bryan was killed in November last year) and another was driven over the top while moving by a woman in a luxury four-wheel-drive while she was reaching for something in the car. She didn't stop for four hundred metres after the collision. The man was dragged for two hundred and fifty of those, the bike still trapped between the axles when the car came to rest on the wrong side of the road (on a dual carriageway). This one was only a few kilometres from where I live. No one I know was involved, but it doesn't bode well, and the press only serves to vilify the riders.

As I'm certain Glen could tell you, my mood has not been the best of late, or as he would put it, I have been “bagging shit all the time” followed by a couple of references to grumpy old men and telling some kids to get off my lawn. I've been quite frustrated with the world around me a fair bit recently.

I've finally started making some progress on my Conrad novel, and that, combined with listening to some Henry Rollins last night (yeah, great way to avoid being a bitter old man) I think that lately I have been too concerned with what I would call gossip, and that I have been more preoccupied with being quick-witted and dispensing one-liners than actually giving a lot of thought to what I'm saying and having any kind of intellectual diatribe. Combined with this, I've noticed that sometimes there are people with whom you might spend time, but who make no positive contribution to your existence (and sometimes not to anyone elses apparently either). While personally I value the idea of being able to add something to the lives of my friends and accomplices, whether it be great or small, I think there is a limit to the amount of time you should spend trying to fill an empty well. Sometimes if you look long enough into the abyss, you see that it's just a big hole.

To turn completely around on my last paragraph, I've also had some really nice bits of conversation with people I haven't seen nearly enough lately, and it's really brightened up my day, night or whatever solar cycle I'm subject to at the time.

Finally, daylight savings is still creeping me out. I can't get used to eating dinner while I can see the sun, and any landmarks I had made from the time of day or location of the sun are completely out of whack. I'll be in Bunbury from tonight until Sunday because anoter reload has crept up on me. Say hello if you're around.

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