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Last saturday night, along with twenty-two thousand other folks clad mostly in blue jeans and black t-shirts, I went to see Pearl Jam play at Subiaco Oval. While I wasn't sure exactly what to expect seeing as how the last time I'd liked one of their albums enough to buy it was back in 1998, I have to say I was more than pleasantly surprised.

They belted out an enormous selection from their back-catalogue including most of my favourites, and even a few numbers I really didn't expect to hear like Why Go, Animal, Blood and In Hiding. Of course hearing Eddie Vedder's rendition of Throw Your Arms Around Me was definitely something, as was the bands version of I Got You (by Split Enz) and closing the set with Neil Young's Rockin' In The Free World. I have to say a thankyou to Nathan for asking me to go with him, I'd been a huge fan in my teens but probably wouldn't have gone along without him, and I had a brilliant time.

The day before however, I handed in my final uni assignment. So provided everything goes to plan, I will be out terrorising the public school system as of late January next year. Unfortunately I won't find out my uni marks for some time, let alone where I'll end up teaching, so there's not much point giving it any thought in the meantime, and as action is the enemy of thought, it's probably time to get another job for the next eight weeks or so that I'll be sitting around waiting.

But before I go off entertaining myself with gainful employment, tomorrow I have need to travel to Bunbury to deal with some matters which I can only start to describe as unpleasant in nature.

the choices that you don't get to make

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