a man of wealth and taste

it's early, too early. the last few days bleed into each other as I ride out a wave of caffeine and sugar highs, the backwash leaving a slew of completed assignments, backstage passes, play rehearsals, filming, police, poor nutrition and 1am coffee orders. there's been a combination of poor and non-existant sleep as coffee grinds run coarse through my veins with seven hundred times the reccommended daily intake of various B vitamins which coincidentally occur naturally inside of little blue and silver cans.

foam enclosures immerse my ears in the a blur of wails, riffs and thundering basslines while I formulate new breeds of flavour in my pie hole with rainbow coloured candies. evie let your hair hang down. tap water in popcap bottles, I'll be taking my camera today. thoughts descending into the ever more obtuse. out of candy. out of juice. out of time.

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