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Reload #23 (how old do I feel?) is on October 7 (in 2 Saturday's time).

Come on beeches! Roberto Sanchez opened rego's this morning and I'm gonna be there the whole time for once as well, bring on the caffeine.

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  1. I was 11. It happened at scohol. I was all fine and happy and what not, when we had a bathroom break. Except I thought the toilet paper was red today or something, so I got a new piece and there it was again. I was mortified and I had to ask the teacher if I could go to the nurse, then I had to tell the nurse my problem *thank goodness only girls were in there at that time* I had no idea which pad because my mom had bigger ones and I was just like, Oh this one/ Yep chose the WORSE one! At least it wasn’t as heavy as it was on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th day. Ugh I hate periods!

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  5. Tio,eu sei o quanto és um homem bom,de um caráter inexplicável,capaz de governar uma cidade assim como governa sua familia,como mt amor e honra. É disso que Barra do Corda precisa,um Homem de verdade que saiba agir com lealdade; vou está na torcida por vc,tio.

    • Moi je ne trouve pas que ce fer soit super, je ne trouve pas qu’il apporte un coté brillant aux cheveux, il a meme plutot l’air de les rendre ra&;8plap#a230lMs bon un brushing y’a rien de mieux.

  6. Grande post, LMGM. Tu chamas-lhe fome, ainda ontem eu lhe chamei garra, falta de garra. A equipa está meio amorfa. Falta-lhe sangue na guelra, agressividade. A tal agressividade característica do Sá Pinto e que este não consegue transmitir aos jogadores por causa dos tais do comprimidos que dizes que ele toma… Houvesse alguém que lhos roubasse…

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