girls like that don't sleep alone

It's about that time again, you know what time? It's job-quittin' time!

Sometimes I just can't get over how much fun it is to carelessly bail from a job with low skill requirements. This time my reasons are two-fold, firstly I'm going on my first trip out of the country in a decade next Tuesday (even if only for a measly seven days) and the second is that I need the time to make sure I get my uni stuff absolutely nailed this semester. I sat six months waiting for these units to be offered again and I'll be a gorilla's arse if I screw them up again.

My time becomes more and more valuable, not in minutes or hours, but when I start thinking in years. Twenty years to buy a house, three years to earn a degree, four years to do an apprenticeship, ten years to make a career, sixty years until you die. It's all so fleeting when you think about it… should I bother to establish things for myself, pay into my superannuation, build an investment portfolio, give myself something to stand upon and to fall back onto? Or is it all for nothing in the end and should I cast it all aside for a more fanciful and hedonistic series of misadventures and ultimately fruitless experiences if you measure in anything but my own occupation and memory?

These thoughts cross my mind routinely during the tedious time that I spend in my four-way posture adjustable seat in the office. I get the impression that the years that I number between 25 and 30 in this life will have some kind of defining effect on me. That said, I could probably put the same label on any five years of the past ten or so years of my life. Things change for me so much all the time, when I consider myself of five years ago and myself of now they seem almost like lives apart but lived by the same fellow. It's with this in mind that I wonder what manner of life that I'll be living the next five from now. The choices I make and the things that I commit myself to in this time will determine whose life it is that I'm living when the next count is over.

Gives you pause for thought, doesn't it?

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