love all, serve all

Once again I find myself a public servant. I do use the word servant liberally though. I can't remember the last time I got paid for doing (or rather, not doing) this much work. As of the beginning of last week, I became an 'Information Officer' for the Department of Environment. I also use the title liberally, as so far in the past ten working days, I have had one request for information. Most of my day is spent browsing the internet and using Visio and Project to plan out world domination. Occasionally I am actually given tasks, which mostly fall into the three F's (Filing, Foning and Fotocopying) and regardless of how many times I go stir crazy and actually ask for work to do, 60-70% of my day is still spent bumming around.

The whole thing divides me between the fact that I sit on a comfy chair in an air conditioned office about ten minutes down the road from home in order to fund my crackpot schemes, and the knowledge that the money that I'm being handed is taken straight from the pockets of the proletariat under the guise of protecting the environment. My pockets are lined with blood money taxed from a dying world. But papa does need a brand new bag. Lady Macbeth I am not.

The most disturbing thing is that I am probably more productive than half of the other staff here, the amount of actual work related activity and progress that is made here would give any self-respecting member of the private sector an aneurism. Staff arrive at half past ten, go to lunch, then moan about 3:30-itis. The passivity is worthy of documentation. It's unhealthy, and staying for any substantial length of time in such a place would surely break a man's will to accomplish damn-near anything.

Thankfully, I have been making plans.

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