friends like these

I had always been under the impression, personally, that 4am on a Monday was a quite reasonable time for a man to be asleep. Particularly when he doesn’t have to be anywhere until nine at the earliest and was up to a reasonably late hour doing assignments. I have obviously been mistaken.

I wake to the soft ‘bip’ from a phone across the room. A tiny noise, normally I don’t even hear it when it’s next to me, even when it sits in my left breast pocket and the device vibrates in kind as well.

I turn out the covers, wondering what catastrophe I am about to walk into.

Glen: Wake up and finish your physics plans, foo. Aint fair just me gotta be awake.
Sent: 04:45:33am 24-Oct-2005

Unconsciously I punch in a password.
(04:49:35) Dwight: I’m gonna go have a shower, then I’m gonna explain how someone oughtta kick you in the nuts

The odour is unmistakable, its presence instant.
V perches quietly on the desk.

someday I must give up this mad, carefree existence.

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