the gap

The longer it is between the times I write in my journal, the less likely I am to do so. Every time I leave things for a day or two, more things happen, more stories that need telling, and the post that should come next grows and grows in size and the effort it would require increases, so the less likely I am to feel like starting to chip away at it. Generally the spell gets broken after a while when I forget enough of the things I was thinking of saying so that what I have to write comes of manageable size again. This log of mine, I believe, is in essence a funny shoebox of all the stories and anecdotes that I tend to tell to the people I run in to as time goes by. Sometimes I won’t see someone for a while, or I’ll mistakenly think that I’ve already told them the one about the hooker with the dysentery, and it’s nice to think that if I make such an error that there’s some way they might get to hear that story. Other times it’s full of things I’d never mention aloud because I still have a firm enough grasp on reality to know that it’s better for my ends not to wind up in the rubber hospital. Still, I like it all the same.

A couple of weeks back I did some mock TEE exam supervision at the high school I did my second prac at. The money wasn’t great, but for the effort involved, it’s easy money and surprisingly enough, it was less boring than some days I’ve spent working behind a desk. Watching seventeen-year-olds to make sure they don’t cheat on their tests for three hours in silence doesn’t sound like a frenzy of entertainment, but it has its moments. Some of the students have the most curious habits when they’re under pressure, one fellow brought in an inch-tall golden elephant every day and sat it on his desk, another chewed through about a dozen toothpicks each exam, one was quite animated in the way he would swear at himself silently and wave his arms around in what I can only assume was either a deep internal conflict or an irrepressible urge to act out a Monty Python skit from his chair. There was a girl who I counted changing the way her her was tied up no less than twelve times in one sitting, one boy made it ninety seconds into writing time in English before having to take a couple of minutes discussing his breakfast with the cistern, and there was a girl who began quietly weeping in the middle of the History exam. These idiosyncrasies are paled however when placed next to the fellow who managed to back up the Gents by leaving a mass inside which, considering the volume, must have contained several organs or other that he didn’t need for that particular exam session. Hopefully all of these plumbing antics are unique to the school, otherwise I’m going to invest in air freshener stocks when I get posted.

Speaking of which, I’m starting to get a little itchy now that it’s probably closing on eight to ten weeks before I find out where I’ll most likely be spending the next three years or so. It’s a somewhat sobering thought.

I also recently bought a new electric shaver to replace the aging model that I had lovingly referred to as the crushinator. Not only can I now shave without being fixed to a point in the wall, but it takes about an eighth as long, much less effort, and the new gadget only removes hair from my face and not large bloody chunks of flesh as the crushinator tended to do from time to time*.

Reading Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas only took me the space of a couple of late evenings and I loved every minute of it, sometimes upsetting the cockroaches and possums in the roof who were trying to sleep when I burst into a raucous chuckle at 1am in bed. I’m finding that I can plough through books at a fairly decent pace when I actually read the contents between the front and back covers instead of staring at them sitting on the desk looking like an ominously large number of words, so I’m going to try and keep on a roll and dig into the next novel at hand, pronto.

Of course there are still many uni assignments to do and many lectures to attend, the nearest of which will be in eight or so hours’ time, before which I intend to spend some quality time with a mattress, so I best delay no more.

(*) constantly.

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