baby, you are it.

Evidence shows that it takes me about a month to totally realign my sleep and general patterns of existence to a point where my new modus operandi is totally embedded. I’m now routinely waking up just before my alarm goes off in the morning and I’m no longer as quasi-unconscious and surly at that point as I was at the same hour a few weeks ago. Of course the irony is that in eleven days time, it’ll be totally obsolete because I’ll be going back into uni bum holiday mode from full time teacher mode. But at least it’s nice to know that when it comes time to get into this swing on a more permanent basis, it’s not going to entail the endless suffering that you think it will on the first morning you have to get up before the sun does.

For about the seventy-five thousandth time, Congratulations to Peter and Mel who got married on Saturday. It was a really nice occasion, and while I wasn’t a big fan of the Jaffa Chocolate Mousse, everything else on the desert buffet was brilliant. I am the scourge of desert trolleys everywhere. I have become Dwight, destroyer of buffets.

The next few weeks are going to be pretty full-on, even with two weeks off between prac and uni starting again. I’ve got a meeting tomorrow night about this, Wednesday night I’ve got a ride and a movie to go to, Friday I’m out for dinner and a social gathering, Saturday I’m out to Northam and the following day is the Charity Ride. Then it’s back to work. Of course it’s all fun, so I can’t really complain. Sometimes my life seems like perpetual madness, and other times I feel like I should take up some new hobbies or something to fill in the small gaps in my schedule normally filled with things like sleep.

But come November I’ll have stacks of free time, so I’m going to try and tee up some work and maybe some projects I can try and get done before I potentially get shipped off up the Congo river and end up becoming the leader of a tribe of barbaric natives and the company sends a steam boat down the river looking for me.

You know how these things can just happen.

the question isn’t if
the question is merely when

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