days and days

I really could’ve used another half hours sleep this morning.

After two weeks of teaching at my new school, I’ve only been asked if I’m Catholic about seventy four thousand times, but I am getting tabs on almost all of my students’ names. The staff however are a different matter, my memory being sketchy most of the time except for the teachers I’m stealing classes from, the ones with desks next to mine and the attractive women between twenty and thirty-five. So sue me. It’s only the students who I need to be able to write toe tags for anyhow, teachers get a proper formal burial.

Teaching IT classes is a lot different from other subjects. I’d say it’s more akin to workshop classes than anything else, you get in there, teach some skills that are needed for what the students are doing, then let them get on with their project work and circulate around the room making sure no one gets stabbed or sets up a speed lab. It feels easier than normal teaching, but it’s not as much fun or as rewarding either. Not to mention that it still feels unnatural to constantly be looking over the shoulders of people using computers.

The science class I’ll be taking next week is also a bit of a concern, I’ve been attending their classes for two weeks now, and all that they’ve done is write up answers to questions from their workbooks and texts. One lesson the teacher used a data projector to show a Java applet of how an image is formed through a lens, but that’s the limit of demonstrations or practical work that they’ve seen. It’s a science department, seriously, how hard is it to pick up a freaking lens and show the students what splitting a beam of white light into a spectrum looks like or God forbid, let them play around with it. They’re doing the Energy & Change unit, which to me says cool stuff like playing with electricity, fire, light, forces and movement, sound and basically doing as much stuff that goes ZOOM! or KA-BANG! as possible, but apparently no, these guys read textbooks and write notes. Woo-ha. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to hog-tie the teacher and do something interesting with them. I practically fall asleep in the classes, they must be bored off their nuts.

I really shouldn’t blather so much about work, but aside from that and sleeping I haven’t been doing a whole lot recently outside of the staple routine. Bucks party tomorrow night, no idea what that’ll be like. I should probably take a book in case there’s too much mahjong and cross-stitching happening and I overdo it on the spring water.

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