It’s going down

So I’ve been busy like a jibbity jibbity lately, but thankfully that’s all about to change tone from being constantly busy with work to being constantly busy with stuff I feel like doing as well as sleeping. I finished up my five week prac, and everything went pretty well, particularly my second lesson that was graded by the uni supervisor. Essentially it went about the same as the first one, but this time my plan was pretty much letter for letter exactly what I did, so that day I got a half page of notes with things like “very good” and “excellent” wedged between other chicken scratchings I can’t be bothered trying to translate into words. I assume they’re either about my brilliant teaching or my astonishing good looks, so I’m happy to leave it at that and not go to the trouble of actually reading them.

I’ve also been out riding the last two weekends, despite it raining half the day last Saturday. Both days were absolutely brilliant, and I haven’t had that much fun in a long time. I couldn’t say exactly what it was that made me enjoy these last two saturdays riding so much, but everything felt right, the bike felt good and I just had an incredible time. The rain, mud and crap on the roads didn’t even get in the way last weekend, and this weekend the weather decided to suddenly go all Mary Poppins on us and was practically perfect in every way. There’s a few photos from Saturday here, the turnout of about 31 bikes was really good and probably due in part to the gorgeous weather, but it was a great day to duck off to Toodyay and a few other stops in the hills here and there.

I also went to see War of the Worlds Saturday night, which, despite having some pretty nifty looking alien tripod machines and death rays, was kind of average. Some of the film was pretty well done, but some of it was just plain bad. For reference, see the terrible line delivery of “That is so weird. The wind is blowing toward the storm.” by Tom Cruise which was also in one of the trailers. I actually enjoyed watching one of the girls I saw the film with jump out of her seat when sudden things happened much more than I did watching the film itself, and while there’s a lot to be said for the attraction of women leaping from upholstery, in this case I’m inferring that the movie wasn’t that hot. Appleseed however, which I just finished watching, was pretty damn kickass. I loved the action to bits, and while there were a couple of bits where the animation was kind of sub-par, the story was great and the movie was just really schmick-o. And in case I haven’t mentioned, Batman Begins rocked arse as well.

If anyone needs me, I’ll be looking for the dessert buffet.

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