lines in my face

I’ve been feeling a little flaky of late, and I don’t think it’s realistic to blame my disconnected mental state simply on my bike being in and out of (but mostly in) the shop constantly over the past few weeks, meaning I haven’t been as mobile or going riding as much. I’ve just been feeling pretty bland and uncreative when I’ve been at home, hopefully in the next week or two I’ll get a few things out of the way that have been dragging on me, and that’ll clear me up a bit. We’ll see. I imagine it doesn’t help that I’ve had this cold/sore throat/neck demon for at least the past two weeks now.

But in more positive news, the play I’ve been rehearsing for, Pygmalion, is coming up on the weekend. There’s a Friday and Saturday night show at the Mosman Park Memorial Hall at 8pm, doors open at seven, tickets are ten bucks and if you feel like coming along and want to book seats, drop me a line and I’ll give you a phone number to call, but you’re probably safe just rocking up.

My first school prac was today, but I’m a bit too rogered to blather on about it right now. Maybe another time.

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