I do like to lie beside the seaside

Thanks to the stupendous hot man-loving of Mr Roberto‘s new web hosting company, wen.ch is now once again peeing in the well of information that is the world wide web. This won’t make a lot of difference to most people’s lives (or lice for that matter), but it does mean I can throw pictures up and do other little tidbits of great inconsequence.

My quest to get tickets to see the Coop was a brief, yet fruitful one and I now have in my possession two otherwise worthless slips of paper that will allow me admittance to the performance. BOCS are quite a timely mob. If I manage to squeeze some time from somewhere late this week, hopefully I’ll manage to get along to the motor show in the city. Ten bucks to paw all the shiny cars I’m never going to buy without having security called on me sounds like a decent deal to me.

I’ve also been getting the itch to go test riding bikes again after my recent dramas with the Honda. There’s a couple of new bikes I really like the look of and sound right up my alley. Whether they’re better and I like them more than my current bike are questions of not so much consequence as whether or not they’re several thousand dollars better than my current bike. When being tempted to spend stupid amounts of money, I try and quantify it in other terms. For example I could upgrade my bike, or spend a couple of weeks in a classy hotel in Paris, or pay my rent for the rest of the year, or buy more thousands of cinnamon doughnuts than any mortal man would dare to comprehend. Most of the time this does a fairly good job of turning me off spending my cash and have me err on the side of financial responsibility, but sometimes you’ve just got to throw your money away for the sake of pure, selfish fun.

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