carved in fire

I can’t understand people who don’t dig Meatloaf. I mean what’s not to like? You’ve got this huge guy with a perpetually bad haircut who belts out rock-opera love ballads while writhing in his own sweat. Tell me you can’t see the appeal. Not to mention his totally under-rated film career as a series of villains you just can’t take seriously, or a vehicle for the largest man-boobs known to man.

Speaking of guys I just can’t help but love, I read in the paper yesterday that Alice Cooper is doing a show in the city come July. It goes without saying that my life has now been put on hold for the quest to pursue tickets to the Coop’s gig. Hopefully this will will be a brief quarantine period and I can snatch some up on Monday from the box office, seeing as how I don’t have stacks of time to give up right now. I’ve been doing some work during my time off Uni, along with starting to pump out a series of large Uni assignments, which I need to get moving before I end up going on my first prac starting a week from Wednesday. It’s mostly just observation to begin with, but that doesn’t mean the kids won’t shiv you. Or is that prison? I can never remember the difference. I’m sure one has more sodomy and the other has more pop music, but I don’t recall which is which. It’s an unpleasant fate either way.

My bike’s been in the shop for over a week now (there was some trouble getting hold of some parts) and I’m starting to get withdrawl symptoms. I’ve been having the shakes, and thinking irrational thoughts (like about buying a car), but if all goes to plan everything should be back to normal shortly and I’ll be back to regular me, however regular that may be.

Earlier today I attended my Uni graduation ceremony (for the degree I completed fifteen months ago, it’s always reassuring to know tertiary education is on the ball), which was reasonably pleasant. The ceremony was really quite boring and speeches from both the occasional speaker and the student representative were terribly dull and uninspiring, but there were cookies in the foyer after the presentation, so I would be remiss to berate the whole event for too long. I can’t say I really got a whole lot out of it, and it cost me eighty-eight bucks to hire my Harry Potter costume for the day, but my folks really seemed to enjoy it. I can understand that it’d be nice to see your kids accomplish things, but I guess maybe I don’t put as much stock in the completion of a degree as is generally done, which could explain my blase feelings. Though it is nice to have one I guess, in a “been there, done that” kind of way. Moving right along.

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