of dollar bills and diamond sleeps

Been having a little trouble sleeping lately, couldn’t say why. I just seem to be overdoing the whole tossing and turning thing until way past the wee hours of the morning. I’ve wrestled with the idea of trying to pretty much cut caffeine out of my diet, but it’s a lot easier said than done. I may be mildly addicted to the stuff, or at the very least I’ve become so conditioned to the devouring of coffee that I just get these cravings for the stuff. Maybe I’l have to see if I can get decaf at Uni or something.

Every now and then I end up with another email listing a plethora of reasons why a motorcycle is better than a woman, most of which revolve around the use of the word ‘riding’, with the occasional warm-up joke and references to the use of other peoples’ motorcycles. But inevitably there’s always the punchline “A motorcycle, any motorcycle, is cheaper than a woman”. I’m not saying I’m immune to the simple humour of it, but after this week I stopped to think, and I don’t recall ever buying a four hundred dollar pair of rubber shoes for a woman and I definitely never paid another man several hundred dollars to service a woman for me.

Though maybe that’s where I’ve been going wrong…

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  1. il mio fidanzato mi ha baciata solo al terzo aptnetamunpo….in effetti al primo mi ha fatto piacere parlarci e conoscerci, al secondo molto romantico, cenetta, passeggiata, rosa rossa e ore a parlare sulle scale (eravamo vicini di casa) e poi mi riaccompagna al portone e…bacio sulla guancia…la terza sera a casa mia sul divano vicini vicini non sapevo più che segnali lanciargli….alle 2 di mattina alla fine ce l'ha fatta!!! eureka!!! e a sentire lui dice che "voleva farmelo sospirare"!!! ma vaff… va! ;o)

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