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So it’s gaining on two weeks since I last posted, but granted it’s been a pretty solid time for me. I’ve been up to a lot, so much so that even my digital crack habit (as doc so eloquently puts it) has been almost entirely sidelined.

The biggest change is probably that I’ve now left my job for good. I served out the last of my four weeks notice (which I thought was a bit rough considering I only had a 6 month contract) and handed in my keys. Considering the high turnover rate of staff in the department (out of 17 staff, only 7 were there longer that I, and 10 had left during my tenure), my nine-month stint made me a practical veteran and as such, worth celebrating the departure of. So to all Australian taxpayers, I thank you for your contributions to the funding of my going away cakes, scones, fruit platters, slices and so on. After work we all headed down to the pub up the road and I was shouted drinks to the point of excess, regardless of my regular pleading to stop for the sake of my poor bladder. But a few hours later and at least four trips to the mens room later, we finally wound up.

After some filming on Saturday and stopping in to have dinner with my folks, I tore through to Bunbury for Steve’s Joining-the-military-and-leaving-on-Monday do, which, as it turned out, was also his Proposing-to-my-girlfriend do. So congratulations to Steve and Abbi for the umpteenth time. It was great to bugger around and yak with a lot of the guys and see Steve off. I also bought Steve’s old bike in a flight of fancy, which, after sitting in the middle of the street while we abused and took to it with large tools to try and fit it in a car boot, is now sitting in pieces in my yard. The plan is to re-assemble it into something resembling a two-wheeled transportation medium and use it for personal propulsion as well as the expulsion of energy primarily fueled by chocolate doughnuts and coffee.

Monday saw me hitting my first uni lecture in my new course. Actually, it saw me hitting three lectures. Then another three today. It’s kind of funny really, everything actually seems to interest me and I’m looking forward to attending the classes (aside from the IT unit which bores me into a drool-spilling coma), which is a totally different feeling from when I was doing Comp Sci. I’ve also already been able to trick plenty of folks into believing that I am not in fact the devil incarnate and have made a wad of new friends. I have also scouted out almost all caffeine distribution points on campus. In honour of taking up studies again and considering the usefulness I saw most every other student getting out of them designing projects, I also picked up a new toy (don’t worry, I didn’t pay retail ;), which I’m getting quite fond of.

I won’t bore you with the intricate details about my time at Uni, but suffice to say I’m already sick of the word pedagogy, however the post graduate education faculty building does have some of the best designed porcelain urinals I have ever had the pleasure to micturate into.

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