the politics of chains and whips

Fear and money. That’s what gets most people out of bed in the mornings. There’s a lot of crazy shit that people are afraid of. And there’s a lot of things that people want or want from their lives, and in a lot of cases money will get them for you. But it’s only money. It doesn’t matter, it just seems like it does. But it’s hard to make the distinction, and it’s easy to be tempted.

Most places you work will ask you to stay if you intend to resign. Unless you’re a terrible employee or the required skillset of your chosen vocation is exclusive to lift burger, rotate burger, replace burger, then they’d rather you stay then go because, lets face it, it’s a pain to find a new employee and get them up to speed in the workplace. However when you’re about to leave and they offer to change your job description and up your pay scale another six to ten big ones, it’s only natural to hesitate.

I guess the telling factor is whether or not you falter under temptation. Opportunity is a harsh mistress. He who hesitates is lost. You really have to know what your choice will be before the question is put to you, because when things present themselves, there’s never really the time to think it all through before it’s too late.

No one knows how long they have to live, there’s no certainty or guarantees that any of us will see another day. But there is a glimpse of surety in some things, in beliefs, in understandings. And I can say with no sliver of doubt in my mind that I am certain, that on my last day in this world, I will not for a second regret not spending more time behind an office desk.

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