the reasons that change

In some kind of all-too-coincidental development, this week saw the turning of the chinese new year, seeing in the year of the rooster. And in an odd synchronal event, suddenly and without warning, the bane of my sleeping hours has ceased to be heard. Now I’m not too clear on the finer details of the change in situation, but frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn. As long as no hellspawned poultry tries to wake me up out of hours, I could barely care less.

It’s funny how you adjust to things and they just become your regular, day-to-day things. I’m not saying that makes them bad or uninteresting, but how your routine can change so much and it suddenly becomes second nature. I mean I feel like I took this weekend off, and to an extent, I did. But I still went along to play rehearsals early on Saturday and went from there to do some filming for several hours, before all of which I went out in direct sunlight and gave my bike a good clean and adjusted the chain and wheel alignment. Although I made up for most of it today by sleeping through the afternoon.

The weekend also saw me plough through a few films, including Adaptation again on Friday night, which was still tops, followed by trotting along to the movie house with my associate to see Closer last night, which, to be honest, was better than I was expecting, if a little neurotically indulgent. But some people are really quite crazy in the head, and if someone wants to make a film of a play about it, then more power to them. We weren’t quite satisfied when we got home however, so we cracked open a fine cask of Man on Fire, which I had been aching to see for a very long time. Tony Scott still knows how to make a damn fine film, no doubt. It wasn’t as wham-bam action packed as I’d been led to expect from watching the trailer several thousand times, but it was well paced and very polished. On the other end of the scale, Shade (which we watched this afternoon), had a solid cast and storyline, but just didn’t have the pizazz to make it a real keeper.

The rest of the world continues to progress of its own accord, as friends of mine have babies, get engaged, join the army and travel to strange far-off places. For this, I am thankful, as it would be pretty rough having to provide entertainment for the entire globe purely by myself. It’s just that time of life, the period where the better part of the population either decide to settle in, or get the hell out of dodge. Personally I find that the latter tends to yield more stories worth telling, but that’s just me. Also granted I haven’t really done a lot of the former, so I guess it’s like most things; A bit of column A, a bit of column B.

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