never bet the devil your head

My weekend has been squandered. I’m quite certain that I have accomplished precisely naught, however at least I have done so cheaply. I dueled with my alarm clock a few times, watched Veronica Guerin, went to rehearsal for some play written by a dead guy (I love dead guys), filled up the bike… and that’s about it, sleeping aside. Life in the fast lane baby.

I actually had to make a decision this week, on top of being offered this Dip Ed, I also got letters offering me a pre-apprenticeship course to be a motorcycle mechanic and another offering a place in a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Philosophy. I felt all big and important for a few minutes somewhere in there. But for the moment I’m sticking with the teaching thing, I’m a little fearful of making long-term commitments right now. I like to be able to entertain the delusion that in a given moment I could turn around and fly off to Europe and spend the next several years working in bars, wandering the streets in Prague, lying on the beaches in Nice and spending the nights courting hundreds of pretty French girls (God, I’m a sucker for an accent). So my first order is a shot of education with a teaching chaser. If it doesn’t pan out, there’s no shortage of other things to try, and I’ve never been adverse to trying everything I possibly can.

On the subject of change, it seems my time in this house is drawing to a close. A letter Friday damned us with sixty days notice to vacate the premises. The owner, a Detective, has been transferred back to the city and has the gall to want to live in his own house again. What can you do. So it’s time again to whip out the classifieds and real estate websites, pull a few sick days and go and investigate some potential abodes for habitation.

I get to resign again this week. It ought to be fun. I look forward to it.

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