the day the wind changed

As is the status quo, my weekend again consisted of catching up on sleep, followed by skipping sleep, going for a ride and then cursing all things when I got up at 6am on Monday morning. It’s par for the course at the moment. I also went to the first rehearsal for another play, this time with the Western Suburbs something or other Theatre something something, I think. Anyhow, it was good fun and was the reason I didn’t sleep any later than noon on Saturday.

But the real kicker was what I got to do this afternoon, which was accept an offer.

I am going to give up my air-conditioned, free coffee, white-collar, decent-waged and pleasant job, and quit. Again.

I am also doing so in order to go back to spending my days being a full-time Uni bum. Again.

Not to mention that I’m not sure if this is the smartest thing to do right now, but to hell with it, I’ll be damned if I don’t plan on trying something until I know whether it’s my thing or not. Again.

So in seven weeks time I’m going back to Uni to do a post-grad Dip Ed. If there was any time to pray in earnest for future generations, it would be now. I’m going to be a high school teacher. This will, of course, involve me going from the single white male, high disposable income bracket, to the penniless student eating noodles out of a hat bracket, but I still find myself looking forward to it. This has in no way been unassisted by the ridiculous political subterfuge currently going on at my workplace. I was umm-ing and ahh-ing somewhat when I got my Uni offer, considering it is one thing, going back to Uni, being poor and giving up trashloads of disposable income is another.

Coincidentally, not a week later, my boss’s boss (henceforth referred to as the wicked witch of the west) started playing silly buggers with the staff. She ‘let go’ the other guy who did the same job as me on the helpdesk, who, while no Voltaire for conversation (then again, Voltaire was French, so that might’ve involved a conversational dilemma as well…), was a good guy and didn’t bother me. He was then replaced by an assistant from purchasing for two weeks (who sat there looking at Final Fantasy wallpapers and talking on msn for 2 weeks), before another guy was hired on the sly by the witch. A guy who, coincidentally used to do my (cool) boss’s job, who, coincidentally keeps having meetings with the witch, coincidentally doesn’t have a job title or description and quite obviously has been brought on by the witch so that when the cool boss’s contract expires in February, she can let it lapse and slip this guy into his position in the bat of an eyelid because he’s already employed here.

This bothers me for two reasons, the first is that it means the friendly boss who gets things done loses his job because he disagrees with the witch on some issues. Secondly, it means the guy sitting behind me where there is normally someone on the helpdesk, is doing no helpdesk work and is instead doing some weird covert bollocks for the witch, meaning my workload is about half as much over again.

I hate it when people blog about their jobs. Mine included. Gah.

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