let the sun fall over me

So aside from the miserable three days at work between Christmas and New Years, the past two weeks have been wonderful. I spent my Christmas down South staying with my folks, eating like a total glutton, playing with the dog and just hanging around with my parents and family. It’d have to have been one of the most enjoyable Christmases I can remember, certainly the best since I got to the age where my mother no longer had to constantly shout at me to stay out of the dirt and make sure I didn’t get any knives or things that would burn. After a lot of flummoxing, some frustration and a lot of wallet-lightening, I also ended up getting presents for everyone that I was pretty happy with, not having to resort to ye olde last minute box of chocolates solution, and what’s more, everyone appreciated them. The weather on Christmas night was absolutely nuts though. It’d been about 35 degrees for three days, and then late evening when it was still pretty warm outside, after seeing some lightning storms on the horizon, the rain came in… and then hail. Big fatass hail as well, grape sized suckers, definitely big enough to garner regular ow’s when shifting your motorcycle into the shed to protect it from the crazy ice falling rom the sky.

My new years eve was terribly quiet and uninspired, but nice and comfy. I just sat at home, buggered around, and after the calendar ticked over, watched some sci-fi with Glen. Oh, I also spent an awfully long time blowing up a giant kiddie pool, the reason behind which was the party we were having the next day. The pool was, of course, a stroke of genius, and the whole event went off in a very groovy fashion. Also, for those who were present and flashed regularly, your blindness was not in vain and there is much evidence of the days schindig and shenanigans right here.

And for now, I shall retire to bed, only to enjoy another marvellous day without work tomorrow. Public holidays. Gotta love ’em.

Edit: Almost forgot… *HUGE* thanks to Tasha for bringing along momentous loads of bakery-style goodness. Also thanks to Nathan for the lamingtons, Simon for the sausages and everybody for bringing drinks and just coming along 😉

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