feels like thursday

Well the weather’s been plenty hot lately, so I’ve been doing my best snowman impression. I do love the nice sunny days, but humidity and overbearing heat drive me mad, I’d rather be freezing. I guess you can put my sentiments down to two major factors at the moment, one is sitting at traffic lights dressed in thick leather being fed exhaust fumes while sitting on top of an eighty thousand watt heater, the other being running around acting under lights with makeup on in more layers of clothes than I care to think about. The hiding under curtains and lifting people around also makes the play a pretty good exercise routine, and I’m generally sweating like a dog by the end of every performance, though I’ve only dripped on another cast member once so far. But aside from the sauna treatment it’s been going very well. The audiences are digging it, crowds are turning up and most of all, it’s good fun. The time commitment has been pretty rough though, due to performances and rehearsals in the past few weeks I’ve missed Rockit, two 21st’s, a handful of other parties, an overnight bike run down south, and The Tea Party is playing in Perth on our closing night. But you can’t have it all, or so I’m told.

Physio is still coming along, although a lot slower than it did at first. It’s reached a bit of a wall, two of my finger joints are pretty much as good as they’re going to get in the short term, but of more concern, the rotation of my wrist doesn’t want to come around any more. At the minute I can can turn my palm up to the sky roughly 45 degrees, but no further, and it’s been like this for several weeks. So the physio’s have me back wearing the medievil torture devices and trying to force it that way a lot in the hope that it’ll give it a bit of a push. They say that after three weeks, if it doesn’t improve then it’s probably as far as it’s going to go. So at least in two weeks time I’ll know. The only things it’s currently preventing me from doing is holding things with a flat palm, and playing guitar, which I must say would suck if I had to give it up because my wrist doesn’t bend anymore. So here’s hoping.

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