november rain

Life’s been pretty hectic lately, which is always kinda fun. I much prefer it to sitting around all the time thinking hat I’m not doing anything. Well, everywhere but work anyhow, work is still too easy. I got bored at work the other day and wrote a haiku that pretty much sums up my employment…

Hello Minesweeper
Whittle away work hours
So I may go home

Subtle, don’t you think?

I’ve pretty much slung myself gung-ho into applying for tafe and uni courses for next year. I’m not quite sure whether it’s a good idea yet (which is something you consider when spending a couple of hundred bucks on application fees), or whether they’ll want me, but I figure it’s a better idea to apply and not want it than to not apply, then find out it’s what I really needed.

Speaking of things that are keeping me busy, for those of you who are down with the thespian wagon, the play that Glen, Stuart and myself are in starts this coming Thursday. Somehow the flyers got printed up without “Starring GOD of stage and screen – DWIGHT!” on them, but I’m a forgiving guy.


Where there’s a Will

18, 19, 20, 25, 26, 27 Nov – 8pm – $20 ($18 Conc.) Includes Fish & Chips at interval
21 Nov – 2pm Matinee – $15 ($13 Conc.) Includes afternoon tea at interval

Bookings ph. 9330 4565

Melville Theatre, Roy Edinger Hall, Stock Rd, Palmyra

I make no guarantees that it doesn’t suck, but there are at least several bits with reasonable volumes of hilarity involved.

I also went to the Telstra Rally Super Special Stage tonight, in the Ford corporate box no less… mmm… free drinks, food, cake… it was good fun, not to mention the amusement when in the Group N races, an Evo 8 got beaten by a Volkswagen Golf… not once, but twice.

I’ll be giggling all weekend.

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