you’ll never know

She lies beside me there, afterwards, in the darkness. Her skin much cooler than mine as I slowly glide my fingertips over the arm she lays across my chest. I touch my hand to the back of her neck and softly stroke her hair. She gently purrs there as she smiles. A cheshire cat. I think of nothing. I smile, indulge my senses. My breaths are long and low now, as I try to divide the serenity and weariness, but the calm takes me over as a breath of air cools the sweat that glazes over my skin. My eyelids fall slowly and open half again, my hand shifting like a wisp over her skin. Her sigh echoes through our bodies like a tremor as she turns. “You would make such a partner”, she whispers. I half unrest, and puzzle what this makes me now.

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