about the dum dum di de doom dum.

If you haven’t noticed, the front page of my website says that I am a cheap, dirty whore who doesn’t pay his livejournal bill. Of course, I can explain. After finally receiving the invevitable “Dear sir, where is our DAMN MONEY!?!?” letter from Honda (who were actually very friendly about everything) after that whole turning their bike into sushi incident (soon to be made into a major motion picture ). So I’d shelled out a large wad of cash and was feeling particularly stingy, when all of a sudden my lj account payment is due. “Twenty-five bucks!” I say to myself, suddenly offended, and decide that there is surely a much cooler, better, free blogger or journal software package I could run to feed my main page.

Much to my disappointment, after looking at wads and wads of packages looking for something free and simple that would neatly archive my old posts and display the most recent five posts, possibly with comment functionality, I found nada. “Wait!” I think, “I have a degree in Computer Science, I could write my own!”. Of course, this urge passed in a remarkably short period of time. If anyone knows of something that’d fit my needs, I’d be interested to know. I want it to output to a pretty plain text feed and let my CSS take care of the rest. Something like postnuke or a giant content management system would be serious overkill.

In other news, I’ve been suitably impressed with Gmail since I signed up for an account. Yes, I know that they have robots trawling my emails to try and sell me relevant text-ads, and yes, some lifeless geek is probably being paid by Google right now to fondle my personal details and read my emails so that they can compile a personal dossier on me containing samples of my DNA they already have that they collected through the public sewerage system and all of this data can be subpoenaed by the CIA and NSA in order to frame me for acts of terrorism in retaliation for publicly denouncing Microsoft which pays off 72% of the United States congress and I’m headed for Guantanamo Bay oh dear lord it’s all over why not just end it all now… but aside from that, it’s a very good service. It also has a comparative nanite of advertising contrasted with the intrusive onslaught of the advertising war-machine that rubs itself over Yahoo and its ilk. If anyone’s interested in an invite, give us a hoy because I’ve got half a dozen hanging around gathering dust.

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