please lower your expectations of entertainment before proceeding…

Did I mention I’ve ended up in a play? Almost a month ago I was tagging along with Glen and Stuart to an audition they were doing down in Melville because I had a busted hand and was taking any excuse to leave the house. Subsequently I somehow got cast as the villain having no real intention of getting involved to begin with. I guess I just eminate evil or something. Still, it’s been pretty fun so far and they’re not paying us, so if I farce it up they can’t even fire me. Ahh, the perks of volunteer work.

Went down, or across rather, to Araluen today to meet up with some people I don’t know, which was really pretty cool. I’m reminded how damn impressive nature is. Though it also reminded me how much I’ve been missing riding, since the way there involved going along some of the roads we take along the Canning Dam run. My arm is steadily getting better, and I’m hoping to be back on the bike hopefully in a couple of weeks time. I’m also back at work full time which is a plus when you factor in bills and credit card debts and so on, selling out to the man does pay, there’s no denying that.

Dostoyevsky had to have had some kind of nickname. I mean surely you wouldn’t go around all day calling your friend Fyodor would you? Sneaky Russians.

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