thorough lessons in inertia

I know I haven’t written anything in almost two months now, but I probably have my best excuse ever…

I was up at Barbagallo raceway on the 19th of July (the day after my last post) doing some laps on my own bike and trying out the new Honda Fireblade (1000cc sportsbike, 179kg, 150bhp) and I was coming over the crest of the hill towards turn 7 when I had a moment at 225km/h. What this involved was me being thrown from from the bike and crashing and tumbling around 150m down the track and out into the infield. In the meantime, the bike managed to transform itself from a marvel of modern engineering into this piece of modern art in what I was told by some of the track stewards and the guys who race superbikes there was ‘the most spectacular crash they’d ever seen’. As it turns out, once the bike and I parted ways it threw itself into the ground, flipped over and struck the ground again, this time sending it several metres into the air and somersaulting four or five times before thumping into the ground again and screeching to a halt, all the while spreading bits of itself around the place for about 150-200m down the track. They had to red flag (cancel) the session because of the massive amount of debris while the first aid crew ran out to where I was lying in the infield in a crumpled mess hoping that it really hadn’t happened and was busy trying to wake myself up. Unfortunately over the next few seconds I distinctly remembered getting up that morning, riding to the track, meeting friends and everything else that had happened that morning, which meant that I really had just gone through a brief lesson in unpowered flight and turned Mr Honda’s nineteen thousand dollar sportsbike into a pile of mechanical tofu.

After a lot of drugs, an ambulance trip, a trip to theatre that went late into the night and a remarkable amount of ‘ouch’-ing, I ended up with three shattered bones in the fingers of my left hand, a broken left wrist and a broken right clavicle (shoulder thingy). This meant I got 10 wires inserted into my fingers to hold the bones in places and four pins in my left wrist to do the same.

To spare you the gruesomely boring details of what I did (or rather didn’t do) over the past six weeks seeing as how I had no arms, they took out the wires from my hand (icky pictures here) and I’m doing a lot of physio to get movement back in my fingers and wrist (the shoulder is pretty good), and they say I should be able to go back to work soon.

So I had quite an interesting time very quickly, followed by a very long period of extreme boredom. I did however get to catch up on the sleep debt I’ve been racking up over the past 10 years or so.

And just so I end this on a slightly more positive note, here’s “Happy Dwight” on one of the Fireblades that I didn’t crash earlier on the day.

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