I don’t mind at all

I seem to spend less and less time at the computer outside of work these days, which at the moment seems to be working pretty well for me. On top of that I’ve been getting into a few things I’ve been neglecting a bit more of late, reading being one of them. There’s a lot of books I want to read and have never gotten around to doing, or have never had the resolve to, so I went out last week and bought a few books to add to the few I already have on hand, and I’ve started in on them. I’ve also noticed lately that my touch typing has been getting better and better lately. I imagine that’s somewhat related to having to do a lot of it at work, transcribing conversations while I’m talking on the phone, answering emails and documenting most things I do. It’s actually less tedious than it sounds though.

Up to this point I’ve actually been quite happy to go to work. I don’t know whether this is because I’m just feeling really good these days or whether it’s to do with that I have four days off for every three days work. However I’m just about to put the latter to the test, as I’m working the full week for almost the rest of the month. Guess I’ll just see how I go, but I’m of the inclination that it’d take a fair whack of effort to get me out of a good mood.

Speaking of good moods, I don’t know what’s been up with me lately. And when I say lately, I mean maybe the past six months or so. I mean after getting over the little frustration I had with not being able to get work, I just seemed to slip into this good mood, nothing was really bugging me and things would just slide right off my back. I was wondering if it was to do with me sleeping all day, but then I got a job, and I’ve been getting up at 6am some days to get to work on my early days, and it doesn’t seem to have jilted it. So I wonder. I wonder if what’s happening is that I’ve just reached this state of existence where I’m just really cool with everything and life is beautiful and I’ve managed to get to a point where anything that doesn’t matter will truly slide right off me, or if I’ve reached a point where my brain is calming down and the drugs are just totally mellowing me out. I was talking to a friend of mine a few weeks ago and as she so aptly put it “it kind of turns you into a giant care bear”. So I’m curious as to the true origin of this somewhat zen state, but with no real way of determining of the cause (of course this doesn’t bother me either). I guess I’ll just see how it pans out. I think the prognosis when they prescribed me the current set of pills was that I was in line for around a minimum of five years treatment, which was a little under three years ago, so there’s no rush. It’s not like I have any beef with feeling good.

Speaking of which, I went to see the Australian Superbikes last Sunday, which was great fun, and follwing that I went for another ride day at the track in Wanneroo, but this time on the new bike. It was awesome. I finally got to wring the life out of the bike without having to worry about being arrested and the subsequent scheduled appointments with Bubba. It turns out that first gear will do a *teensy* bit over a hudnred kilometres an hour, which I never really had a good opportunity to test on public roads, and it sounds awesome coming out of turn seven and running the engine to redline at full throttle. Coming over the top of the hill out of the basin at over 180 is incredible as well. But the most fun is in the corners. Needless to say, I really love the bike. After having it for almost three weeks now, I’ve managed to play around with it a lot and it’s just about perfect for me at the moment (insurance costs aside). I’ve managed to get thoroughly drenched about twice now since moving to Perth (once on the old bike and once on the new one) so I think I’m going to invest in some full wet weather gear.

I’ve also rediscovered the unstoppable combination of toast and jam. Unstoppable.

Happy respective birthdays to Oz and Amanda.

I’m going to be down in Bunbury this weekend for another reload, so if you’re around and want to say hello, feel free to drop by or give me a ring.

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