it’s the buzz

So I need to get myself involved in some things. I mean I’ve pretty much got general day-to-day existence sorted, I’m awake during daylight, maintain an acceptable level of personal hygiene and sustenance and I even manage to get to work on time. Of course working and hanging around home doesn’t really constitute an enthralling existence in itself, so I’ve got to go and find some things to do with my time, hopefully something new and interesting. I’m sure there are some clubs or gatherings that would spark my curiousity, maybe some courses or lectures I could attend and expand my mind or some rot, some skills I could hone and things I could learn to do. I might have to make a list or find some community noticeboard or some rot or just wander into the city and read some of the bills posted on the walls of vacant buildings.

I mean if I’m looking to find some goals or pursuits, surely there’s nowhere better to start than at the bottom of something that I do not know?

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