he didn’t give me all my change

This may not sound like a particularly rational explanation of what’s been going down lately, but here it is anyway; a lot has happened, but nothing much has been going on. Like I said, it’s a tad nonsensical, so the only real solution is probably to elaborate somewhat.

Starting off with things I remember physically doing, Easter weekend was pretty cool. Nathan and Tash came down on Friday, Saturday morning I took off up to Jarrahdale to meet up with some riding friends and do a few loops around here and there and one hell of a lunatic road down near the Canning Dam. Got back home around 5pm, which gave me plenty of time to clean up before the family went out to a chinese restaurant for dinner seeing as how it’d been Dad’s birthday a few days previous. Nathan had to head back up to Perth while Tash and myself went to play a round of golf with Dad on Monday. Tasha wanted to get a buggy to hoon around on and carry the clubs with and I swear to god, it is the laziest machine ever invented. I felt more lazy driving it than I did riding in the passenger side, it’s just not right. But laziness aside, I had a few good hits and made a thorough butchery of a couple of bunkers and ended up with a 71, which would be an awesome score if I had actually played 18 holes and not 9, but it’s a start. Tiger woods wouldn’t be any fun to play with anyway.

The weekend just gone was pretty much enveloped by reload, which went pretty damn well, and my sleep patterns have just about adjusted back to moderate regularity. I took off for an hour or so in the middle to go and drop in to pimpmaster Su Leng’s birthday lunacy in town, and he seems to be keeping pretty well. Most of the other days in the past couple of weeks that I can remember involve getting up, cleaning the house some, applying for jobs and lavishing attention on the dog in quantities that would traditionally drive any normal being insane.

While all of these things have been relatively entertaining or mind-numbing respectively, the more interesting side of what’s happened is that I’ve decided to make a move to Perth in an attempt to try and muster a better slug at getting myself employed. If all goes well, all would be well, however if things don’t quite go to plan, I’ll probably be sitting on the floor with the lights out eating two minute noodles out of a hat. But I’m working on the optimistic side of things here for a change, so I’m gonna leave hat noodles out of things for the meantime. At the very least, it oughtta be an experience. And you can’t ask for much more than that.

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